Friday, 4 May 2012

Family togetherness

Kidz Club is a highlight of every Happy House week, the whole family gets together to look back on the previous week and to plan for the seven days ahead.
It always starts with huge shouts and cheers, in response to Mama's questions:
HAPPY HOUSE KIDZ ! Are you Happy? I can't hear you? Happy House Kidz, Are you happy?" followed by favourite songs before the teachers report on what is happening in school,  housemums and gardeners are invited to mention anything they may wish to raise and the kids, always encouraged to speak their minds, bring up anything they want to mention.
The star of the week award is presented to a child who has done something special and birthdays celebrated.
Whilst away Mama and Papa they have been joining in Kidz Club via Skype, so this week to have them back for real was a cause for great celebration and rejoicing.
Mama showed held up canvas print presented to her at our charity night and asked the kids where in their home they'd like to see it. They majority decision was in the lounge where everyone hangs out and where they can enjoy looking at it.
Plans were made for the second birthday party which will be held next Wednesday once our day pupils are back after the school holidays, and I had the great honour of presenting Melis with her birthday gift . As she has only joined our family this year, it is the frst birthday she has ever celebrated and her first gift. How very special for this beautiful little girl, who was just a bit overwhelmed by it all.
Then Mama and Papa asked the kids if they had been watching the exercise dvds they'd sent from the UK, and an aerobic display, organised by big brother Evans, got underway ... with some cleverly choreographed and complicated routines, which Mr Athmani had been coaching them in.
They were absolutely amazing, no one out of step and everyone perfect.
To finish the afternoon, on came the music and we all got up and danced and danced.
What fun we had and how good it is to be home.