Monday, 28 May 2012

Swing sisters

Kids really don't need expensive toys.
Take an old tyre strung into a sturdy tree by a piece of rope and you have  a plaything that gives endless hours of enjoyment.
Pendo and her Happy House "sister" Karembo tried every way they could think of to play on one of the old rubber tyres strung up in the trees in our grounds.
They were in the tyre, on top of the tyre, swinging alone or in pairs .. they swapped places, took turns to push, everything naturally and happily with lots of laughter and not a single squabble.
It's hard to imagine the hardship they would have endured and how painful life might have been for these two little girls had they not been brought to the safety and love of our family.
It was a joy to watch them at play, lost as they were in a world of their own, and evidence that you really can't beat the simple things in life!