Sunday, 13 May 2012

What a wonderful world!

Our four acres of grounds gives our toddlers plenty of space to embark on so many different and  exciting voyages of discovery.
Mama Prescha often takes them on nature walks, talking to them as they go along and helping them to improve their language skills in the process.
They pick flowers, look out for birds and insects and then when they get to the greenhouses talk about the plants they can see ... they recognise what is growing, tomatoes, cabbage, melons and more.
And as they leave one area and move on to the next they they wave and say: "Goodbye tomatoes", "Goodbye cabbages" ....
They make a captivating picture. They are so eager to join in, gabbling away to each other, and sharing the treasures they find.
That they can enjoy a wonderful childhood, that they are safe and free from fear and neglect, is all  thanks to Mama Sue and her Happy House  and to those of you, too many to count, who share and believe in her vision.