Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Happy House kids join the Sampdoria Blucerchiata

An exciting consignment of football kit has arrived  at the Happy House from one of Italy's most famous clubs ... Sampdoria.
And now our kids will now proudly sport the famous hoops when they step out for football training and matches, thanks to Sampdoria Club Bogliasco Blucerchiata and UC Sampdoria.
Having a team strip to wear matters so much to the kids social worker Uncle Billy explains: "It is very, very encouraging for our children as now they have it to wear for  the matches and training which they so look forward to. Having  team jerseys, strip and bags is a big "promotion" for them and will really boost their morale and give them even more reason to play well on the pitch. They love football.
"But at Malindi Academy where our children receive free training, football is about much more than a game. The management wants to promote discipline, education and talent- values we share at the Happy House. Before they even klick a ball children are told that they are expected to excel in school, be discip;ined and responsible so that they will grow into valuable citizens.
"It is about preparing them for their lives in the future.
"At the academy there are excellent life examples for our own children. There is one young player who is now playing in international matches for Kenya Under 19s. He was just a poor boy, unloved, brought from the streets. The academy brings young people from the streets to keep them away from drugs and encourage the importantance of education. If they do not attend school, do not behave, they are excluded for six months. They have to prove that they have mended their ways before they can return.
"Our children are learning so much there and now they have kit to wear they will be so proud. We have talked all about Sampdoria and told them all that we know but it will be so good to have more information directly from the club and pictures that the children will treasure.
"The club and its players will be their inspiration. Maybe one day we will have a Happy House kid playing for Sampdoria.
That is now our goal!"
 Mama Sue says: "We are so so grateful to Sampdoria for all the wonderful things they have sent for our children.  They were so eager to model their new strip for our pictures.Linus, who is two, stripped down to his underpants and was in a shirt in the blink of an eye so now the kids have made him their mascot!
"Each of our young soccer players now  have their own strip safely in their lockers. We know they will wear it with great pride and will make Sampdoria proud too!
"We hope this is the start of a really great partnership between the Happy House and Sampdoria.
"Huge thanks to Sampdoria Club Bogliasco Blucerchiata, to UC Sampdoria and also to Sampdoria Supporters and Friends of Genova.
"And, of course, to our very good friend Marco Narizzano for introducing the Happy House to them and for heading up this initiative."
Happy House kids now appear on the Sampdoria website and Sampdoria tv:!/