Monday, 14 May 2012

Splish, splash, splosh

When it rains puddles soon form on ground hard baked by the sun.
Adults and children here think, for some reason, that when it rains it is also cold. I can assure that it isn't. The temperature hardly drops at all!
The rains make life difficult for so many people who live in makeshift houses where water leaks in through through the roof or rushes under the doors, children have to wade through deep puddles to get to school (carrying their shoes for fear of getting them wet) and once wet stay wet the whole day through.
Chest infections, pneumonia and malaria cases increase with the onset of the rainy season.
But the rains are welcomed however difficult they may make life.
The land is parched dry and thirsty and so needs a drink. With the rain lacklustre vegetation springs back to life and  vegetable and maize seeds local people plant wherever they can soon start to sprout and once fully grown and harvested will proviode food for hungry families  .
In the shelter of the Happy House our kids love the  splishm splash, splosh of raindrops and are never short of things to amuse them, from umbrellas to puddles!