Sunday, 20 May 2012

Splash happy

It is so, so, hard to leave our Happy House kids.
I am just Auntie Libz to the family and I am feeling so sad, so imagine, if you can, how it must  be today for Mama Sue and Papa Dave as they travel back to the UK with me.
Their kids will miss them every bit as much as they will be missed by their Mama and Papa. But time does fly and with so many things to do and the very pressing need to raise significant funds it will soon pass and Mama, Papa and their kids will be together as a family once more.
Yesterday, for a very special treat, Mama and Papa surprised the kids by bringing them to swim in the pool at their home in Turtle Bay.
Everyone had a ball , splashing and swimming and tucking into the Haribo sweets I'd brought with me.
Even the little ones like Harry, Linus, Brian, Natasha, Peninah, Rose , Freddie, Alex, Sauma, Pendo, Melis and Stevie proved to be right little water babies, happily ducking and diving in the baby pool while the older kids made waves in the big pool.
It was a high note on which to say our goodbyes ... with lots of smiles and lots of love.