Friday, 25 May 2012

So well resourced

When Mama Sue first started her work in Kenya 12 years ago she was so appalled by the lack of resources her aim was to raise money for teaching aids " just to make a teacher's job possible".
Since then she has helped put more than 700 children in education, and at our own Happy House School has introduced new ways of teaching which Kenyan teachers embrace with enthusiasm as discover how to get the very best out of their pupils.
That our school is so well resourced is thanks to so many of you who send teaching aids and books to use in class. These help to enhance and reinforce everything our children learn.
Thoughtful gifts, like those pictured, matter so much and we are constantly grateful to you.
Headteacher Madam Rose (pictured here with Mariam and Salama) says: "These things are wonderful.
"The project all about water is perfect for what we are doing now - because it is one of our themes for this term.
"In the school I worked in before I came to Happy House I would have to send kids home to their parents to bring money just so they could have manila paper to write on. Here we have so many resources that our children learn very, very fast."