Friday, 1 June 2012

Triple birthday treats

The Happy House magic weaves its way around so many lives.
As Uncle Billy says: "It gives a serene sense of belonging, love, encouragement, reassurance, hope and security. There's nothing so humbling as to experience its potency.
The feeling of caring and sharing, which Mama Sue has made our ethos, has spread to families outside the Happy House, to those who bring their children to our schools as day pupils.
These pupils are very much a part of all we do, also bringing in an income from fees helping to make the school self-supporting.
Three day pupils Bencarson, Juanita and Nigel  are all celebrating their seventh birthdays this week there was great delight when they asked to celebrate with the bigger Happy House family.
Their parents brought birthday cakes, juice, ice cream and sweets, which were shared after school had ended for the day, and afterwards some catchy music got everyone on their feet and dancing!
Uncle Billy says: "The were accompanied by their parents Rosemary, Charles and Joyce who all spoke of how happy they are to have their children in our school."
Nigel's mum, Joyce, said: "The Happy House brings children together and helps in boosting positivse interaction therefore bridging the social classes in the community."
Juanita's dad, Charles, said he greatly admired the efforts put in by the teachers and said the parents were astounded by the progress their children had made in a very short time. He said that the excellent effect of the school on their children went far beyond academic, to behaviour and attitude as well. He said they would be delighted to help promote the school to a wider audience to attract more pupils.
Rosemary, Bencarson's mum, was in awe of how organised the children are and how well they sang with the notable help of enthusiastic staff and volunteers!
It was such a happy time for everyone and the  birthday song sung loudly for Nigel, Bancarson and Juanita.
Happy birthday Nigel, happy birthday Bancarson, happy birthday Juanita. 
Thank you for sharing ... we love you!

Happy Bithday Nigel! Happy Birthday Bencarson! Happy Birthday Juanita! We love you all!