Thursday, 7 June 2012

: Making a difference

A very big thank you to Poulton Photographic Society chairman, Val Fillingham, for choosing to donate the proceeds from her recent chairman's night to our Happy House family.
Dr Steve Cushing, pictured with his wife Cherith and Mama Sue, is a member of the club.
He and Cherith visited the Happy House earlier this year and  produced, with help from another society member, Sheila Davies, the moving "Making a Difference" video ( focussing on Sue's incredible achievement in creating the Happy House and telling the story of our youngest family member, Esther - their sponsor child.
Steve and Cherith happily presented a cheque for £77 from Val's special evening to a delighted Mama Sue.
We can assure you it will be put to very good use, with every penny going to supporting our children.