Sunday, 10 June 2012

Peek a boo

Working at the Happy House is much more than just a job.
Mama and her management team select staff carefully, because only by having the those who are truly committed and who genuinely love our kids as much as we do can we give our children what she wants for them -  a family bound by love.
These pictures of Auntie Rehema illustrate just how our housemums and aunties love their young charges.
She chats to the babies all the time, singing and clapping, and encouraging them to sing and clap along with her - indeed they have some very meaningful  exchanges in baby babble.
She gets right down on the floor with them, playing beek-a-boo and encouraging them to crawl by getting them to follow her example!
Auntie Rehema never gets mixed up with who is who,  which with three sets of identical twins is saying something, and you can tell she enjoys her job and loves her babies every bit as much as they love her!