Monday, 18 June 2012


Every day is wash day at the Happy House.
With 58 children in the family, there is always a mountain of washing.
School uniforms, playing out clothes, pyjamas, bed linen and towels, not to mention all the bibs, babygros ect that our babies get through, it's a never-ending task and buying all the soap powder we need adds up to a hefty sum every week.
We do have two washing machines, but such a heavy workload takes it toll,  and there are frequent breakdowns and that means it has to be done by hand.
When Mama Sue or Libby give talks about the Happy House, ladies always ask about the washing and usually make the comment: "At least you don't have to worry about getting it dry!"
We have explain that while most of the time the sun does the job for us there are those times in the rainy season, as these pictures show,  when even the lines we have in the laundry are not enough, and we have to use the kitchen too!