Friday, 8 June 2012

Olympics scenesetter?

The scene was set for the Olympics when our Happy House school staged a sports day ... and it looks as though some of our kids might just be gold medallists of the future!
They competed in a variety of activities including bowling, croquet, dribbling and hoopla - all well coordinated by the teachers with help from "chief trainer", volunteer Jessika Poplawski,
There were winners in every category and our Happy House kids swept the board, with only one of our day pupils taking a place.
The winners were: 
 Hoopla - 1 Mercy, 2 Musyoka.
 Dribbling -1 Evans, 2 Katana
 Bowling - 1 Jason (day pupil), 2 Shakila
 Croquet - 1 Jane, 2 Hassan
The prizes were presented at Kidz Club to the  proud winners, with  their equally proud Mama and Papa congratulating them all via Skype.
Uncle Billy said: "Later on they went  to the office and stored their newly earned treasures in their memory boxes. It is a thing they enjoy doing and some were seen trying to catch up with all the letters, emails and photots sent from their beloved sponsor families abroad."
* There will be more pictures on our Facebook page later today