Friday, 22 June 2012

Socks away!

What a lot we got! Dozens of pairs of white socks donated by baby and children's wear retailer, Mothercare.
It was thanks to Ann Summers (a friend of Brenda Groves, who is in Charity's sponsor family) that Mothercare very kindly donated the socks - which are among the most-wanted items on our wish list.
Ann popped them in the post from her home in Oxfordshire  (along with some packs of seeds and a few other goodies for our family) and in just a couple of weeks they have arrived at the Happy House where they are now stored in our stockroom ready for head housemum, Mama Prescha, to distribute as and when they are required.
A huge thank you and lots of sunny smiles  from our Happy House family to our friend Ann and to our new friends at Mothercare.