Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tests for our babies

In a country where so many suffer from HIV Aids, we have to be certain that our babies are not at risk.
With David already given the all-clear, that meant a trip to Malindi Hospital with the seven youngest members of our family.
Medical histories for most of our children are a mystery because we have know way of knowing whether they have been pre-disposed to any genetic or other medical conditions - including HIV.
So PCR tests, which test for HIV, are a necessity.
Taking seven babies on a 25 mile journey requires extra pairs of hands. Luckily Janet and Lucinda  were on mid-term break and able to go along to help out with looking after their baby brothers and sister.
Only one test was reactive requiring further tests, but everything points those being in the clear, even if the baby's  mother was sero-exposed as we do not that  she had not breastfed her child who is thriving at the Happy House ,growing by the minute, and feeding well.  But we have to wait until July for the results.
As Uncle Billy says six testing negative, this tiny shadow of doubt cast a cloud, making it a bittersweet trip.