Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Tables time

"What's the best thing about the school holidays?" Sue asks the kids at weekly Kidz Club.
"Learning our tables!" they chorus back.
And that is what good teaching is all about ... making it fun. 
Sue, shocked that the oldest of our kids had no idea how to do simple multiplication, decided to make it a holiday mission to get the children learning their times tables.
They are spending an hour or so ever day concentrating on tables, with teachers, staff and Papa Dave helping and encouraging them, and they are catching on quickly.
"They love it," said Sue "once they have finished their tables time in the bandas, they carry on..
"Everywhere you look their are groups of children practising their tables. They are doing so, so well.
"They really want to learn and love the challenge,all determined to do their best. They are so full of enthusiasm.
"Can you imagine that with kids in the UK?"