Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Mama and Papa

Mama Sue and Papa Dave mean the world to the Happy House family they have created.
It takes very special people to do what they have done. How many people would turn their backs on a comfortable retirement to move to another country to start a family ... with the current figure of 54 kids?
The children adore them and rush to tell them, full of excitement, about what they've been doing in school or at play.
Because the children know they are loved and respected, they are never afraid to speak out. A Kidz Club they are encouraged to air their views and Mama patiently waits until they do. If there is something they don't like - like Rukia and cabbage - they can say so knowing they will get an understanding response.
For Sue, who looks after the overall administration and keeps everything running on a very tight budget, it's a tough and demanding job but her reward is the laughter and smiles of her children and the little gems they sometimes present to her.
Like this most recent portrait of Mama and Papa by talented young Oscar will be destined for her Happy House gallery.
We love the flowers in your hair Sue!