Saturday, 27 August 2011

Open wide, Lucinda

With a family of 54 children there's always someone needing a trip to the doctor or the dentist.
And yesterday, Mama Sue and Papa Dave took five of our kids for a visit to the dentist, which meant extractions for some.
In safe hands, they went in smiling and even after a bit of uncertainty and a little pain came out smiling afterwards too.
Sue says: "The kids were so good, and all looked so smart and proud in their Happy House Tee shirts. 
 ice cream afterwards always helps!
"The extractions are mainly because over overcrowding," she adds.
We would never skimp on healthcare for our children but with every trip the costs mount up. Janet has to have four teeth extracted next week which will cost £20, another trip last week cost £20 and yesterday's took another hefty bite at our budget.
Thankfully, nurse Jill Armstrong and her teacher husband, Mick, set up a medical fund kindly which helps towards some of these costs, but if you ever want to make an extra one-off donation anything towards medical costs would be a bonus boost for us.
The monthly amounts we receive in child sponsorship are certainly helping to underpin our running costs, but we are still a long way off our aim of achieving sponsor families of five for each of our children.
Those of us who sponsor know  what joy having a Happy House child sponsor child brings into your life, and I can assure you that you are every bit as special to your child! So please, please tell your friends and encourage them, if you can, to join our very special family.
If anyone would like details of how to donate or sponsor please email or call 07905 130 589