Saturday, 13 August 2011

Setting the scene

The stage is set for a a fantastic day-into-night fundraiser for The Happy House and two other great charities in Lancashire today.
The Secret Garden party, hosted by entertainer Scott Jay Marks, is a sell-out with a fabulous line-up of entertainment and much, much more to make sure everyone has a ball and to bring in lots of money for the Happy House, the Meningitis Trust and Parkinson's UK NW Holiday Project.
Volunteers braved yesterday's heavy rain to get everything for the party in place and a Jacqueline Winters, Lynn McCluskey and Jolene Setterfield called on the spirits of nature to bless the wishing trees which is now set to share the secret hopes and dreams of party-goers today.
Please note
Of course Sue, Rose and Billy love to get your emails and photographs - both of your visits to the Happy House or for your sponsor children - but please make sure that when you are emailing any attachments that they are very small files only.
Technology in Kenya is still way behind us here and large files take so long to download that they can completely block the system, sometimes closing altogether.  It also costs a lot of money as we do not have broadband yet. If you do have special photos, please could you put them on a disk or get prints which you can send by post