Friday, 19 August 2011

A favourite place

Visiting the Happy House was one of the highlights of their honeymoon for newlyweds Emma and Richard Hales.
Emma, who has been in touch since returning home and is planning to send a parcel to our family, says:
 "We came to Watamu on our honeymoon from the West Midlands.
We wanted to get out and about when in Kenya so we had a good look at the Turtle Bay website and I found a link to the Happy House.
It may sound silly but I knew Sue would be lovely before I even met her! The blog had a lovely feel to it & the children looked so happy.
The Happy House is fantastically run, is bright and fun and the children are so happy and well cared for. The staff are so friendly too and were more than happy to show us round.
Visiting the Happy House one of our favourite parts of our honeymoon...and I think my husband might of smuggled Harry out in the tuk tuk with us given chance!"