Saturday, 6 August 2011

Let's make Christmas magic!

I know it's only August but we are already looking ahead to Christmas at the Happy House.
For those children who joined our family this year it will be the first Christmas they have ever experienced, safe, loved and well fed .
So we are asking you to, very kindly,  add a Christmas present for a Happy House child to your shopping list over the next few weeks.
We do ask sponsors to send money for their child's savings accounts for christmas and birthdays, which is a way of underpinning their future once they reach independence, but we would also like the kids to have small gifts for Santa will deliver!
So if you would like to send something small and light - suitable for any of our boys and girls (aged from a few months to 14) as we still have some who are not yet sponsored - it would be such a help and the earlier they arrive the sooner we will get a picture of what we have so that we can be sure that everyone will have a gift.
Sue says: "Anything that we can wrap up for Santa to give would be welcome ... that is if we have any wrapping paper! "
So if you, as Santa's very special helpers, could include wrapping paper too that would make it every bit more festive for our wonderful kids who, unlike so many kids in consumer-driven countries,  never ask for anything and share everything.
There's also a request from social worker Billy - for children's calcium supplements. The vitamins we have sent out have them bouncing, but Billy is anxious they should be building strong skeletons too. So if you would like to send out some calcium supplements please that what you buy is suitable for kids.
Sue and I know from all the lovely messages we get that you really put your hearts into helping our children and are sure that you will make this Christmas every bit as perfect as it was for our, then much smaller, family last year.  A huge thank you in advance and lots of love and smiles from the kids!
The address for parcels is:
Sue Haywards Happy House
P.O. Box 796
East Africa