Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy House kids? YES, we are!

Sue has always said, right from those early days when the Happy House was just a distant dream, that her aim was to create a family of children who would be proud to hold their heads high and say: "I'm a Happy House Kid."
Being a Happy House kid brought up with love and respect for others, hopes and ambitions, a sense of belonging and community, education and skills and, above all, honesty and integrity, will, we are sure, be a key that unlocks doors of opportunuity for our children when they are ready to lead independent lives.
But, most of all, the Happy House is THEIR home and THEIR family, and wherever the future may take them it will always be the home they can  go back to knowing they will be welcomed with love and delight.
And Sue always said that one day she would get them tee-shirts printed with "I'm a Happy House Kid" to wear when they go out together as a family or in groups representing the Happy House at community events.
Now that day has come, and the kids smiles say it all, Sue. No one can be left in any doubt that they really are proud to be Happy House kids!
Another dream realised and we are all so pleased for you Mama Sue and Papa Dave.