Monday, 29 August 2011

Vitamin express

With more parcels from you arriving at the Happy House our supply of vitamins - all 33,000 doses - are almost all there now.
The children's multi-vitamins, donated to us by the manufacturers last autumn, have been arriving throughout the year, kindly delivered by people visiting or sent out in parcels by other generous supporters. By the end of next month every bottle will be safely in store at the Happy House.
The vitamins have made an enormous difference to our children's health. Their eyes are brighter, skins clearer and hair stronger. After arriving with us malnourished and in a poor state, our kids are now strong and healthy with huge appetites!
Thank you to everyone who has helped get these vitamins to us and for the many other necessities and gifts you send for our children.
If you are sending parcels out for Christmas please make sure you mark them as such .. and they will be kept aside for Santa's stash.
So once again, thank YOU. We cannot say it too often or too loudly. You are such a special part of our family and your kindness means so much.