Thursday, 18 August 2011

What a lot we got ...

Papa Dave never knows what will be waiting for him when he calls into the Post Office to collect the Happy House mail.
And from the looks of things it was parcels galore!
You are all so generous to our family, sending much need items as well as gifts of things we could never buy in Kenya.
As you know, we want to keep our kids firmly grounded and make sure that they are not spoilt by having too many gifts at any one time, so if you have sent more than one item for your sponsor child some may be kept in store ready for birthday or Christmas.
We are a long way off having out full quota of sponsors (our aim is to build sponsor families of five for each child) so we always need things in stock for children who are not yet sponsored. As in any family, we try to be scrupulously fair to ensure that no one should ever feel left out.
We are still appealing for Christmas gifts so Santa has enough for every child, so please add a Happy House child to your Christmas list. If you get your gift posted in the next couple of months it will be there in plenty of time for a Santa stocktake!
The address is Sue Hayward's Happy House, PO Box 796, Watamu, Kenya, East Africa.
Thank you all for being so very kind ... you only have to look at the kids smiles to know how happy you make them.