Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sale brings smiles

Since Sue moved to Kenya and I started looking after things for the charity here, I have made so many new friends and met many kind people.
I have also received some lovely letters and emails from people, some complete strangers, who have done something wonderful to help our children or who want to.
But there's something especially touching when a message comes from a child or children. Yesterday, the postman delivered just one letter and I couldn't have wished for anything more ... it really touched my heart.
Written by Emma Scott, seven, it was sent on behalf of both her and her six-year-old cousin William Stone. It was written by Emma, I'm told, because "her writing is the neatest!".
Last Saturday, the children set up stall in Great Eccleston and sold off their old toys, bric-a-brac, vegetables and cakes, helped of course by their parents, relatives and friends.
They raised an amazing £130 to help our children.
These youngsters are such a credit to their families and to their school, Copp CE Primary, and many, many thanks to Emma and William for making such a big efffort (and for a lovely letter), and to all those who helped and supported them on the day.
I'll be sending the letters and pictures on to Sue at the Happy House so all our children will know what lovely friends they have in this country so far away.