Friday, 5 August 2011

Officially Happy House kids!

It was an emotionally-charged day for Sue yesterday when another 17 of our children were formally committed to her custody by the Kenyan courts.
As is required by law all the children involved had to be present to be shown to the court when their name was called, and with so many of them babies that meant all hands on deck ... with older children going along to Malindi to help look after their little "brothers and sisters".
Sue tells me: "It is always a very emotional time for me when the children are presented in front of the magistrate and then the papers are stamped and signed making the children mine, so to speak.
" I feel so much love and responsibility for them.
"As the magistrate calls out the names we hold the babies up - Harry, Johnathan, James, Peter and Paul...
" When Ishindi was called he put his little arm up, he could only just see over the end of the desk.
"The older children came with us to help, they can remember their time of being in court it really does bond the 'family' together.
"It makes them feel safe, secure and loved as the Happy House Family we are."
Sue, we are all in awe of how much you have achieved in so short a time and inspired by the wonderful family you have created ... the children couldn't have a better woman to call their "Mama".