Monday, 8 August 2011

Growing our own

As you all know we aim to be as self-sufficient as we can and that means growing our own.
It's a tough call on land that was once under the sea and has coral as its foundation, but "Country Boy" Papa Dave is constantly looking out for new ways to get the best he can out of it.
Our gardeners are enthusiastic too, and are really keen to try anything they can to maximise the crops we get.
It's paying dividends ... they have been harvesting a handsome crop of bananas and just look at the size of the grapefruit Dave brought in to show Sue. More than one portion there for our kids!
The seeds you are sending are growing so well too, much better than anything we can buy in Kenya. Evans went out to pick radishes which Uncle Billy was delighted taste test.
The bonus of grow-our-own is not just fresh fruit and veg straight from the garden, it also makes a significant difference to our grocery bills.