Friday, 12 August 2011

Restaurant treat

What a very special treat it was for our children to be invited for a meal at one of Watamu's leading restaurants, Savannah, by the couple who have made it such a success, Jackie and Mike.
The kids put on their best clothes, many of them sent by you for their birthdays, and were all set to party.
Sue tells us: "We had a little Kidz Klub before we went, talking about table manners and using our nice words. About the toilets and things in general.
When we arrived and all sat down, Jackie said the meals would be 10 minds and told the kids they could play outside if they wanted to.
They all went together and started playing different games in a circle and singing, when Rose went down to take the pictures she was amazed.
We called them in for lunch  (sausage and chips, followed by ice cream) they came and sat down, each one saying  thank you for drinks and food they were served.
After the meal they asked Jackie if they could dance so she put music on for them, all the staff joined in, they remarked to Rose how polite our children are.
The kids all looked lovely in their clothes, the majority of them were wearing clothes that had been sent to them for their birthdays.
We had asked the children at Kidz Klub who wanted to say a word of thanks at the end of the time at Savannah, so Margaret, Rukia, Janet & Evans each said lovely words. Jackie cried.
" It was so nice for me as we had asked the children what THEY wanted to say, not told them what we wanted them to say.
As we waited for the meal I asked the children, what shall we do while we are waiting so they all said they could sing, and sing they did!
Deciding together what the next song should be, quietly discussing, no arguing or squabbles."
Jackie sent Sue and Dave a text later in the day which said:
"You should both be very proud of yourselves. It was a pleasure to have the kids here.They were a credit to you both and your staff. Mike & Jackie."
Jackie (wearing pink) and Mike have invited them all back at Christmas and been told to take all the little ones as well
Sue said " As we thought  Mwende, Pendo,Linus, Steve etc  were too young to go  this time we are taking them out  for ice cream as a special treat."
What a lovely day they all had and a big thank-you to Jackie and Mike and everyone at Savannah for giving our children, who have come from nothing and had so little, a day they'll remember for the rest of their lives.