Sunday, 10 January 2016

My holiday, by Shakila

Staying in touch with relatives is so very important to Happy House children  like Shakila.
She tells us what she has done during the longest school holiday of the year.
My name is Shakila in class 7
When school closed we were permitted  to go for our home visit
We ware all happy and exited because we knew that we ware going to our relatives. 
When I reached home everybody was happy to see me because they had missed me for a long time.
I helped them in so many ways like sweeping the house and washing utensils, they all love me..
Every Sunday we go to church and worship  I enjoy singing and dancing to God.
I also lissen to the word of God, it helps me to do the things which are right and not wrong.
I really enjoy on my holidays.

Have a lovely time.
Bye, Shakila.