Sunday, 3 January 2016

A bright future awaits

Gabriel is one of our successful class of  KCPE exam students who, thanks to a scholarship from Happy House, will start his secondary education when our new school opens on Tuesday.
This young man, was struggling to attend school and working on a building site to support himself when he was given a free place in our primary school in March 2014, becoming one of our first Dr Danwata Scholarship students.
Now he has a bright future before him.
He writes:
I am Gabriel Mwarabu.
I am 17 years old I like playing volleyball, football and netball.
My favourite subjects are maths and science. 
My hobby is swimming. My talent is playing music instruments  - keyboard, drum and guitar.
My favoured food is chapatti and chicken.
These are things about myself.
I am happy as a king to be a Happy House Scholarship kid.