Friday, 22 January 2016

Winning team share success with our Happy House

A company with a base in Preston, Lancashire, has an annual prize of a charitable donation which is presented on behalf of what a panel considers to be the most influential safety improvement of the year.
This year, the prize was won by a small team led by Bob Leeming, an electrical engineer and Carol Darbyshire, one of the safety advisors.
Their idea involved the development of a remote sampling system, keeping operators clear of any hazards whilst collecting air samples.
They wanted their prize to go towards helping children in Africa and the Happy House was suggested by a work colleague whose family support the charity.
Once they heard about the work we, they were more than happy to give their support.
Well done to Carol and Bob for leading their team to success and many, many thanks  for supporting Happy House and  to the colleague who introduced you to our family
Every penny you raised will go exactly where you intended - to putting children in need on the road to a brighter future.