Monday, 25 January 2016

Friends from Italy bring so much

Mauritzio Onganiz and his friends  Giuseppe Grigi ,Girardi Romano, Tato and Paolo.  
Each year they organise a fund raising event, Giornata de Solidarieta in  their village Cortenova, Italy, for the Happy House and other children's organisations.
It is a day of celebration with food, dancing and entertainment in the street and when a good time is had by all.
The gentlemen called into Happy House to see Mama, Papa and the family and  very generously donated 2,500 Euros raised by the event.
Thank you to everyone who organised the event and to all those who went along to support it.
You are helping our Happy House to change the lives of needy children.

And more good friends...

And more Italian friends also visited Happy house to bring gifts of  household items, toiletries and food.
Tundra Tononi and family are also good friends to our family and it was lovely to see them.
Thank you for your wonderful donation which will help to feed our family.