Sunday, 31 January 2016

The business of learning, by Charo

Gaining a scholarship to Happy House School was a dream come true for 15-year-old Cosmus Chiro.
With the scholarship came the one thing he wished for - the certainty of an education.
He relishes going to school every day and here he tells us why he likes one subject in particular - business studies,
My favourite subject is business studies. Why?
Because this is a booster subject - it boosts all my subjects in my timetable..
I enjoy business because I find it easy to understand, 
It teaches us about the work that is done by either an individual or an organization for a view of getting profit. 
As a subject we say that it is a living subject because we we cannot live without working. 
Business as a subject is good and well because it prepares us to deal with any job in life  - we learn about about production, distribution and consuming. 
When one becomes a business man or a lady, he or she must strive to to get a profit and avoid a loss.
* We are desperate to find sponsors for Charo and other scholarship children. If you could help a young person like Charo have a bright future in our school, please email Elizabeth Gomm for details: