Saturday, 2 January 2016

Exam candidates sweep the board

There's fantastic news to herald 2016 ... every one of our KCPE candidates has passed their exam!
With the important Kenya Certificate of Primary Education to their name they can now go into our secondary school when it opens on Tuesday.
It's a huge achievement for the kids who worked so hard putting in hours and hours of study, and for the teachers who coached them and for Mama, Papa, Uncle Billy and the family who encouraged them.
It is especially rewarding because the majority of those youngsters were kids on our Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme who, without our support, would not be in school at all.
And it's joyous for Janet, who has been a Happy House kids since we opened in 2011, who becomes the first member of our family to take and pass her KCPE.
Now, with their spirits soaring, these young people go on to secondary school, the next stage of their education, and the gateway to a bright future - built thanks to you.
Huge congratulations to all our kids ... well done you all stars!
*We are still in need of friends to sponsor scholarship students and to help meet the cost of providing them with free education, uniforms, books, shoes etc.
To find out more please email: