Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Kids on the council

A new year and we have a new Kidz Council.
Kidz Council plays a very important role in family life at the Happy House.
They  meet once a week to discuss any ideas or problems and then report to Mama.
If a child is stepping out of line they will recommend punishment they think appropriate - like early bed or being excluded from a treat.
It democratic and organised and as all the kids are brought up to know they should never be afraid to  speak out or express an opinion, it works very well.
The new council members pictured with Uncle Billy, Mama and Papa are from left: Baraka, Samson, Mama, Lily, Kezia and Brian.
To welcome them to their new positions of responsibility, Mama and Papa, along with Uncle Ronnie, Uncle Scott and Auntie Laura, gave them a special treat and took them out for ice cream and sodas.