Sunday, 17 January 2016

My first week in Class Seven, by Sammy

 Sammy is in our Happy House Primary School  thanks to a free place Dr Danwata Scholarship. He has just moved up from class six to class seven.
Here he tells us what it is like:
When I was in class six,  I thought class seven was a class of difficult questions .
But now I have realized that it was a fear, in class seven I have started to learn about the circulatory system.
In social studies, I learn about my continent, my social studies teacher said that my continent, Africa, has got 55 countries.
 And in mathematics we have learned about whole numbers Mr Hamisi teaches us two subjects, that is social studies and mathematics,
 Mr Isaac teaches us science, Madam Milka our head teacher teaches us English so that when we are adults we can work in different countries like in the UK. 
It is a great thing to be at Happy House because Happy House  is the best, 
Thank you Mama Sue for making a beautiful school for clever pupils.
If you would like to help support our work with disadvantaged children by sponsoring a scholarship student, like Sammy, please email for details.