Wednesday, 20 January 2016

School report: A melting pot of talent

Meet artist Abdul!
Mama Sue said long ago: How can we know if we have a great artist, if a child never  has a chance to pick up a paintbrush?
Her aim is to ensure that children in Happy House School get to explore all their talents and to provide them with the materials to make it possible.
And  that's just what is happening from playgroup to secondary school..
Teacher Sarah Naronge brings us up to date with more school news: "The pupils are working hard to achieve their goals for the year and the goal that had been set for the school.
The start of term "wake-up" exams have taken place.
In playgroup, painting a number work came together as the children painted numerals.
Kg1 are enjoying their lessons and some of them are pictured doing number work.
Mr.Steve, the sports teacher is leading PE classes and pupils understand physical activity boosts their performance in the classroom too.