Friday, 15 January 2016

Charlotte, always a part of our family

Mama, Papa and the Happy House family were delighted to see Charlotte Poulter when she came to visit.
A few years ago, Charlotte and her friend Saskia Flower, then students at the Harrodian School, London,  raised £7,000 by organising a dinner. That money was used to buy the acre of land where our three schools are now sited.
Charlotte and her family visit Watamu every year, and she loves catching up with our news and progress and seeing Saumu, whose sponsor family she is in.
Here Charlotte tells us about her visit:
"Having been to say hello to everyone the day before (having not been there since last Christmas), I had the pleasure of going back to the Happy House for the opening of the new secondary school.
 It was the children's first day back after their Christmas holiday and the first time I had seen the school up and running.
 My best friend Saskia and I raised the money a few years ago to buy the land so I was particularly keen to see it all. 
I was amazed by how smart it all looked - the last time I was there it looked very impressive but was still a building site; so to see it all, one year later, finished and fully functioning with all the kids running around was quite moving.
  As Dave kindly dropped me off at the school he said"Remember, this place is a part of you!" which meant a lot. 
The Happy House has a very big place in my heart and I want to be as involved with it as I possibly can, for as long as I can. 
I had the pleasure of catching up with little Saumu, who I sponsor and love to pieces, and many other too. She was as cheeky and smiley as always, still making me work for her affection!  
"I gave Saumu a small chocolate with her Christmas present, and without being
asked, she bit off little pieces and gave them out to all the little ones
surrounding her. It was one of the sweetest things I've seen!
She hardly had any herself!"
I was told that some of the children were on trial periods, staying with their family members at home, to see if they could move back for good; Saumu, and her twin Pendo, were amongst them which initially scared me because I thought I'd never get to see them again but Uncle Billy assured me they'd still be there during the week for school!
 I saw a picture of them with their mum and Uncle Billy told me how happy they were to be back which was sonice to hear. 

 Selfishly, I was so sad to hear that Musyoka and his siblings had left  (only because I didn't get to see them) but I know that being with their grandad is best for them and where they want to be which is what matters. 
It's amazing the Happy House is able to reintegrate children who were once considered "orphans" back into their families, where they should really be. 
I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again in December.  Thank you for having me xxx.