Friday, 29 January 2016

Birthday twosome

Scott with Rose (left) and Sudi
Two little girls at Happy House have their birthdays this week.
Rose was six on Monday and Sudi turned eight the following day.
Both birthdays were celebrated at Kidz Club when Uncle Scott was asked to present the children with their gift bags - very special for him as he and his wife, Laura, are in Rose's sponsor family.
There was also a special treat for all the children thanks to our friend and sponsor Angela Carmon.
Since we expressed concern about the amount of money being spent in tax and postage on sending parcels, Angie made the donation instead of sending gifts - and asked if all the kids could have mangos at Kidz Club as she knows they love them.
We were very happy to oblige, and to the children's delight they all received some juicy fruit!
Thank you Angie for your kindness.