Saturday, 23 January 2016

A birthday to smile about!

Our little Esther is four.
And that's a birthday that gives us all a reason to smile.
Esther was a few days old when she was found, left in a carrier bag, under a bush.
She was badly dehydrated and a poorly little thing.
From the moment the hospital told Mama Sue about her, Esther had a home and a family.
2011: Esther comes home
And it was with our family, at Kidz Club, that Esther received her birthday gifts and greetings, with Mama Sue doing the honours.
She was far too busy taking a peek inside the bag to look up and smile for the camera!
With our love, care and encouragement, Esther has grown into a happy, healthy, independent, confident little girl.
That is what we call the Happy House Magic!

Welcome back

Scott and Laura Webster, from Royal Wootton Bassett, arrived back at Happy House last weekend, this time returning for a six week stay in Watamu.
In this time they will be helping out where needed, with Scott concentrating on the garden.
Over the years, Scott has been a huge help to us in helping to organise our garden and to put in place a growing programme.
He has received weekly reports from the garden, so that he could help with any problems that have arisen and to provide advice.
But he always happiest when he's there in person and can really dig in!
Scott and Laura were welcomed at Kidz Club.
And as a treat there were biscuits all round!