Friday, 16 January 2015

A safe place to call home

These four pitiful little people are the newest members our family.
Sanita,12, Salama,seven, Amina, five,  and Stephen, three,  were in terrible shape when they were brought home to our Happy House.
Hungry, dirty and all infected with ringworm, their was brought to notice by a health worker.
None of the kids have been in school since 2013, and  were being left alone for long periods while their 25 year old mum was out, with her youngest child who is a baby,  seeking work.
She was widowed in 2010 when her husband, Samuel,  the family's sole breadwinner, died a from complications after being bitten by a dog, He was buried in his ancestral homeland but because his wife hadn't paid any "bride price" she and the children were taken back home.
She has been struggling ever since, depending on wellwishers to help raise her family which increased with the arrival of Stephen and a baby.
The three eldest children had not been attending school since 2013 and had no hope of a return to education. 
There were concerns that the eldest child was at high risk of drifting on to the streets or into child labour  in order to be able to meet the basic needs of herself and her siblings.
Health workers have arranged to get the baby on a nutrition programme to improve her health, and it was felt that with this support the mother would be able to care for her youngest child as she would be in a better position socio-economically.  She has been advised on the importance and need for family planning.
Uncle Billy said: " Sanita, Salama, Amina and Stephen are now assured of better living conditions and  quality education. 
Welcome Home beloved ones."
* The arrival of these four lovely children brings our family to 105.  We desperately need more sponsors for these and other recent arrivals. £20 a month will help to give a child a secure future - please can you help.
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