Monday, 5 January 2015

Every day is a day of celebration for David

When our kids go back to school today, there's one little boy who will be oozing confidence and trying to be the boss -  our David!
On December 19, David celebrated his fourth birthday and for those of us who have watched him grow from a very poorly baby, abandoned at birth, to a happy-go-lucky child this landmark brings us joy and pride.
How different things could have been for David, had it  not been for the faith, determination and magic of everyone in the Happy House family .
At 10 months, he was diagnosed with Down's Syndrome and Mama and Uncle Billy were told he would probably never walk, nor ever amount to much. 
But we believed otherwise and after sourcing all the information we could get on how we could help him, he was put through a a series of exercises, three times a day, to stimulate and encourage him both mentally and physically.
David lapped it up and rewarded us by achieving one developmental milestone after another. Every one, celebrated by us and cheered on by all his "brothers and sisters". 
We don't know whether he has Downs or not, and  what does a label matter? So long as he is healthy and happy we will encourage, and help him, to reach his full potential whatever that may be..
He may lag a little behind his peers, but he stands his own ground, puts heart and soul into everything he does and can melt hearts with a cheeky smile!
Mama Sue says: "David is doing well, he tries to sing and does the actions to songs/
" He can say mama and Papa., music to our ears, and is developing a strong personality and a bit of temper when he is told no.
" He is such a good boy, just a bit on the bossy side!"
And while David's birthday is a joy, every birthday is just as special. And also celebrating their birthdays recently are Mercy and Freddie who, like David, received their gifts at Kidz Club.
Happy birthday to you all.