Wednesday, 14 January 2015

School Report: A busy start

 In the first School Report of the new term, Mr Mdachi reports :
Happy New Year to everyone from our Happy House School.
We are now in our second week of term. We started the school year and new term with high enrolment of new pupils especially in the kindergarten.
The opening assembly was led by Mama Sue who welcomed us all back to school. a
Serious learning started on the first day and our Primary Class Eight,  who will be the first Happy House candidates to sit the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education,  are already busy preparing for their national exam.
This will will take place in November.
Teachers are also very busy assisting the candidates, who are our pioneers. We are equipping them with the necessary skills needed for them to make Happy House shine come December when the results will be announced.
 We hope that our candidates will do us proud and Happy House will be known all over for best results and we shall be singing “Happy House power! Super power!”.
The Kindergarten pupils are also enjoying their new school. 
The Happy House family kids are excited  as they leave to go to school in the morning and back in the evening.This move has created a clear distinction between the home and the school enriching their life experience.
This term we shall have ball games activities and our team is ready hoping that we shall do better.
Our new teachers, who are very welcome, are settling in to the Happy House way of doing things.