Friday, 2 January 2015

More festive thanks

We are now into 2015, and we still have to day some Christmas thank-yous.
Firstly, to everyone who sent parcels which ensured that Santa's sack was filled to overflowing. 
 As Mama said in yesterday's blog, times are very tough, and the items you sent, and your donations, made Christmas possible for our children.
We also have to thank those who took part in our Christmas Hats Challenge - some opting for festive jumpers instead!
At St Aidan's School, Lancashire, where Mrs Joanne Rossall's form K7 are in Linus' sponsor family staff and pupils up our hat challenge, while at St Bede's school Lytham  pupils were busy making and selling items for Happy house.
 Retailers and management at Freeport Fleetwood held a Christmas jumper day , splitting the £100 raised between Happy House and another children's charity. Thanks to general manager, John Magee (who sponsors scholarship student Kennedy) for introducing Happy House to the centre.
Another Christmas dress-up day was held by Paula Lochrie, and team at Oxfordshire County Council raised £54.83  with their jumper day. Paula's family all support the Happy House with her mum and dad, Brenda and Red Groves in Charity's sponsor family; her uncle sponsors Brian and Lovinne, and her daughter, Chloe ,is in Said's sponsor family.
Staff at Chards, Blackpool, donated their Christmas Jumper Day money to Happy House. Lawrence and Jane Chard are members of Pendo Francis' sponsor family.
Our growing branch of the family in Saudi Arabia, gave the Happy House a special place in their Christmas Day celebration held Taif compound where they live.
Lesley Pidock, who is in Janet and Natasha's sponsor families explains: "As our men work Sunday to Thursday so our weekends are Friday/Saturday so they were working Christmas day...  and as you can imagine there is not a lot of Christmas in Saudi.
" However we had our special Christmas lunch where most of the community come together, everyone makes food,  so we have a full British Christmas dinner.
"If you do not donate food then you are asked to make a cash donation.
" We also held a quiz which each table paid 20SR to enter, this money was added to the donations. 
" This year the money raised was 2,868 SR and it was decided that the money would be split between two charities, one being our Happy House! 
This means a donation of £239 to Happy House.. 
Happy House sponsors (pictured) who live in Taif are second from left: Diane Hilton (Kezia).; Kay Summers (Baraka Francis) and Lesley Pidock (Janet and Natasha), far left is Lesley's daughter Kathryn who was visiting.
Our thanks to everyone who made Happy House a part of their Christmas - every penny you have raised is much needed and greatly appreciated.
Happy New Year.