Saturday, 10 January 2015

Mama's pride

 Responsible, kind, capable and caring, Evans is everything Mama hoped a Happy House kid would be.
It will be five years next month since he came to Happy House, one of our first kids, along with his elder sister Janet and younger brother Oscar.
They have blossomed from shy, insecure kids into lovely young people - clever and confident.
Evans is chair of our Kidz Council, a job he takes very seriously.
Kidz Council meets every week and is a forum where our children can bring up anything that affects their lives.
It also makes recommendations on discipline. If someone has been persistently naughty (which does happen!) they will suggest, to Mama, a punishment - like sweeping the banda for a week, or early bed!
And it works. The children listen to their peers.
With a recent influx of new arrivals, Kidz Council met with each one of them to make them feel welcome and at home, and to explain the Happy House way of doing things.
In the post-Christmas run up to the start of school, the kids were getting restless.
Evans took it on himself to organise all his brothers and sisters into groups for various activities to keep them busy.
They loved it!
With Uncle Billy and Auntie Rose on leave for part of that time, Mama had a lot to do and she was so impressed with the way Evans stepped up to the mark to be an extra help and her right hand man!
"He's so thoughtful and always there willing to help," said Mama, who rewarded him at Kidz Club this week with Star of the Week!
Well done, Evans, and thank you. You make us all very proud,
Also at kidz club were two birthdays - our youngest Neema and Ushindi who received birthday gifts from Uncle Billy and Mama..
Neema went straight off to model her gift - a beautiful new dress, but she has a little growing to do before it's a perfect fit!
Happy birthday , kids.