Thursday, 15 January 2015

Kit for our kids

 Our Happy House soccer players have a new strip to turn out in.
As we have several teams, boys and girls,  the additional strip will really come into play at inter-school tournaments when several teams are playing on the same day.
It has come from Ardington & Lockinge Under 13s who last season were lucku enough to have a new sponsor Dawson's Landscape Services.  
When  owner Barry Dawson suggested donating  their redundant kit to the Happy House they were pleased to do so, and knowing Brenda and Red Groves, who live close by in Wantage, were coming to see us asked them to bring it..
Our footballers were keen to try it on for a photo-shoot.
"We are delighted to see them looking so smart, " said Barry.
Thank you Barry and Ardington & Lockinge Under 13s, it will get plenty of wear!