Sunday, 11 January 2015

Scholarship is helping me - by Francis Anangwe

  Scholarship kid Franco writes the blog today to explain his joy at being at Happy House School.
 First of all I take this opportunity to give thanks to Mama Sue for saving my life. 
When I was I young I lived with my parents at a village called Stendikisa. 
One day when my father came home he was drunk, immediately he entered the he asked for food my mother replied and told him that there was no food.
When he heard that he started fighting with my mother by the end my brother and I shouted out for help. 
People came and separated them, the following day they had to divorce and my mother went back to her parents.
 She left me and my brother in problem, my father took us to grandparents in Watamu.
One day my grandmother called me to come. 
What a day, today is a wonderful day, GOD has answered my prayers, my grandmother told me, the scholarship which I was praying for,finally you have get it.
The following day, I come to Happy House school.
When I came I was warmly welcomed by Happy House kids.
For sure, I have never seen a school like this.