Thursday, 1 January 2015

A new year greeting from Mama

Mama with Kidz Council and our four little Haywards-
 Esther, Harry and Brian
Hello Everyone,
Mama Sue here to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year.
Here we on the threshold of another year, 2015. 
Where has the time gone since we opened the Happy House in March 2010?
It seems to have passed in the blink of an eye, that is until I look around at the children who were amongst the first to come home, who have now grown into happy, healthy, responsible teenagers.
 Yes,  happy is not always a word that can be used to describe teenagers, but these children are.
 They appreciate life here at the Happy House, they love school and each other.
 Abandoned babies, our four little Haywards,  who are now comical three and four year olds are developing their own personalities. Each one growing to be independent and determined.
They understand the meaning of family life where they are safe and loved, a place where  we share and we care.
The children who came recently are now beginning to settle. Most of them have come from the most terrible of circumstances, so it takes time. They will  adjust better when they start school on Monday. It has been a long holiday since November, too long.
We have our Kidz Council , with ten board members. They deal with issues between themselves, and recommend on what punishment should be given.
 Maybe it is early bed or helping to sweep the floors after meals.
 They met on Monday morning  and talked to each of the  our most recently arrived children individually to explain the way of  Happy House family life.
 It is so wonderful children helping other children to understand how life changes so fast, but in their cases definitely for the better.
Helping each other
This is, as you know, a difficult time for us with so few visitors, to bring us  the many much needed items  needed by such a large family.
 Thank you to everyone who have sent brilliant parcels full of love and great things for the children at Christmas. I know some are still on the way here, but everything will be stored safely to cover the at least 100 birthdays that we will be celebrating throughout 2015.
We are now well on with  moving of the schools. Little Chicks Kindergarten will be ready for the children to start school  on Monday .
The Primary School will be just a few more weeks, funds permitting.
 It has taken all our small reserve of money but it is something we have had to do.
 We have made applications to different companies, trusts and organisations, so hopefully in early 2015 we will be lucky enough to receive some funding for the future education of our children.
The family are delighted to be going out to school. The new schools are just a short walk up the lane. It will be a lot healthier for them to go out to school and come home in the afternoon.
We are taking 15 at a time to see the school so they know where they will be going.
Musyoka said to me: ‘Mama if we are going out to school, what about Kidz  Klub on a Tuesday?’ I said don’t worry you will be home for that, we cannot do Kidz Klub without any Kidz.   Another problem solved !
The classrooms upstairs here at the Happy House  that have been used for the Primary School  will now be used as bedrooms, which is a relief in itself, now we know we will always have room for another. 
No child needing the safety of the Happy House will ever be turned away.
Thank you for all your love and support.
It is your generosity and kindness that makes our work with the children possible.
 Together we are truly saving and changing the lives of children.
Wishing you a very happy and definitely healthy 2015.