Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Welcome visitors and WI talk

 Happy to be back, our wonderful friends Brenda and Red Groves arrived back in Watamu at the weekend.
Brenda and Red, who are in Charity's sponsor family, have been supporting Sue's work for many years and are regular visitors to Watamu, staying at Turtle Bay Hotel.
Brenda's brother, Terry, sponsors Brian and scholarship student Lovinne and granddaughter, Chloe, is in Said's sponsor family.
Brenda and Red, from Wantage, brought with them a suitcase packed to the brim with goods Brenda had collected or which were donated by friends including Tom Whittaker, Ann Summers and Jenny Kenrick and football strip donated by Barry Dawson which will be featured on the blog on Thursday.. 
Mama said:  "What they have brought is amazing, so many much-needed items. Nappies, sanitary pads for the girls, toiletries, shoes, pencils, books, knickers clothes etc. I am quite overwhelmed there is so much.
" It's going to be such a help."
Brenda and Red are delighted to be back and to see for themselves how the Happy House and its family has grown.
They were shown round our relocated school where Brenda had a chance to say hello to Charity.
Thank you Brenda and Red for all your support and your friendship. Mama, Papa and all the family are so pleased to see you again and look forward to Chloe's arrival later this week. Enjoy your stay.

WI welcome

There was a WI debut for Elizabeth Gomm when she went along to Ansdell and Fairhaven WI, Lancashire, last night to talk about Happy House..
In true WI tradition, she was given a very warm reception by her lovely audience who were inspired by all that Mama Sue has achieved in 15 years dedication to the children of Watamu.
And they were in awe of the sheer scale of the Happy House and the size of the family she has created.
With a WI donation, sale of bags and personal donations the evening raised £174.50 for our family, every penny of which will go to make a difference to the lives of our Happy House children.
Thank you.