Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Gotcha, Uncle BIly!

Surprise, surprise, Uncle Billy!
Our much loved social worker Uncle Billy had the surprise of his life when he returned from an "errand" with Papa Dave and Uncle Red on Friday to find the whole family gathered and set to celebrate his 40th birthday.
And the biggest shock of all was that the party, planned down to the finest detail by the kids themselves with help from Mama, had been kept top secret ... something he couldn't believe was possible in a family of more than 100 children!   
Uncle Billy writes:
My Beloved family,
I got a pleasant surprise for my Special day! 
Even now, I can’t believe how it was all organized without me having the slightest of an idea! 
Keeping a secret in such a big family  successfully is not easy at all!
We have a lot to do and time flies fast so I didn’t see it coming.
The previous evening I had a chat with Mama and shared details of a little assignment I was planning to handle outside the  office which she tactically deferred till Monday
On Friday afternoon,  Papa Dave came in and asked if I would like to accompany him  and Red to the new land as he wanted to ‘make some pictures’ and then off we went but to a different direction ...all in all I was still in good hands though at some point I wondered if everything was okay, as it not usual for Papa to go for a cold drink without Mama’s company!!
 After a short while  Mama phoned Papa’s to which he offered that we were just finishing up an errand at an electrician’s shop and that we wouldn’t be long…which made Red and I burst into laughter,
.In  no time we were on our way home where a surprise was in store for me.
 When we got to the Happy House I thought we just got in after some special guests …..as the kids were all smartly dressed and singing but wait a minute…it was a birthday song! Papa asked whether it was my birthday and that even made me more confused to which I answered incoherently…. I had forgotten it was my birthday!
 For some moments I felt hypnotised and my heart leapt with joy as I started relishing the spectacular event.
It was a lovely party with food, cake, juice, apples and lots of presents! 
A special book was presented to me with all the special messages from all our sponsors and friends.
 I am deeply humbled.
 My special thanks to Mama, Papa, Aunty Rose, Susanna Gregorio, Red, Brenda & Chloe for being there to share the joyful moments.
 The staff had worked tirelessly in odd hours to make it a success, our wonderful kids for the beautiful presentations.
 I phoned my mum who shed tears of joy  while adding what she repeatedly says that I am blessed to have such a loving & supportive family.
 There was more in store as I got a dinner invite in a nice restaurant with great ambience and good food.
 This is my BEST BIRTHDAY party EVER and am so indebted to you all for making it  absolutely fantastic for me 
.To say that I thoroughly enjoyed it would be an understatement.
 Thank you one, thank you  all; you can rest assured that these special memories will linger on for the rest of my life. God bless you all.
 Uncle Billy.

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