Wednesday, 21 January 2015

School Report:Lesson for life and Urgent Appeal

Madam Sarah brings us this week's report from Happy House School.
Our teachers are leading  lessons in life skills with activities on Saturdays at  when everyone is enjoying taking part.
The activities include:
Mr Steve  demonstrated the pupils how  to identify a problem and what steps to take to help someone in difficulty.
Md Rose led a sewing lesson starting with how to use   a needle, scissors, tape measure, thread and material. She taught them how to measure and cut then how to sew.  She also taught them how hold the needle when sewing and the needle should be against the person using it .
Md Bessy and Mr Hamisi  led pupils into the garden where they were shown how to identify weeds from other plants and how to  prepare the soil  ready for planting.
in the laundry, there were a lesson in how to iron correctly and safely from Md Naomi and Md Agnes 
Mr Allan and Md Russel  taught gave a simple class on playing keyboard, depending on the song ready to sing and follow them properly depending the key of their their voices.
A class in the kitchen was led Md Nelly and Mr Mdachi  when pupils learned about food hygiene when cooking, and were also given advice on cooking safely.
Nail salon
In the bans, Md Neema and Md Gettry had good time setting up a salon for the little ones giving them a pedicure , whicch brought lots of smiles from those with tickley toes!
We had a good day and every pupil enjoyed the activities and learnt  something new depending on the activity they were taking part in.

Raise the Roof

Thank you to all those who have donated to our urgent Raise the Roof Appeal which launched yesterday, we truly appreciate your kindness and generosity.
We have a long way to go to our £4,000 target so please keep sharing, donating, and maybe you could encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same.  
They really can make a difference to children's lives.
To donate: 
Please take a couple of minutes to watch this appeal from Mama Sue: